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A documentary about the rise of blogs and their influence, which resulted in the re-election of George W. Bush. Details the attempts of filmmaker Michael Moore to get an interview with the movers and shakers of the Blogosphere.

Friday, November 05, 2004

The Dream

It came to me in a dream. After the awful, awful day Tuesday, I don't even remember Wednesday or yesterday. I woke up this morning still at Ana Marie Cox's place. She was nowhere to be found. However, no matter. I had the dream. I know my mission.

To summarize, Tuesday we celebrated all day as the exit polls came in, showing Kerry winning. I should have realize that most of the people voting during the day didn't have jobs and would have been voting with us. When the blue-collar JesusLanders got off work and voted, everything went south, so to speak.

By 10:30, we were drunk on our asses, and I don't remember anything else until this morning. But I had The Dream. I'm going to make another film. This one will be about bloggers. After all, it appears that the rednecks have computers now and they all gather at places like Little Green Footballs and such. And there are enough of them to overcome purveyors of the truth like Wonkette and DailyKos. I must find out about them and their peculiar power over the mindless robots of JesusLand.

Thanks to my little Wonkette for helping me set this blog up. It was her suggestion to blog my research into bloggers. She's so clever. Such a little minx!

Tomorrow, I begin my quest.